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Taking Stock 01

cooking // tri-colour mexican stuffed peppers
drinking // chocolate chai tea
reading // digital leader by erik qualman
wanting // some new jewelry from michelle chang
looking // forward to the weekend
playing // lotto max… that 50 mil is mine
wishing // training a puppy was easier
enjoying // mid-day walks with maddy; it’s nice to get some fresh air
waiting // for scandal and grey’s to start again
liking // the weather lately… it hasn’t been polar vortex cold.
wondering // when my niece will start walking…
loving // homemade crème brûlée
hoping // i can launch my latest project very soon
needing // to cut back on the sweets
smelling // my brand new victoria secret perfume
wearing // a lot of track pants lately (the best thing about working from home)
following // susan cranston’s time management advice
thinking // about heading to the cottage more often this summer
feeling // a little stressed and overwhelmed
bookmarking // everything that has to do with puppy training… like a crazy dog mom!

A special thanks to The Daybook for inspiring this post series.

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