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Running…. it’s taking it’s toll… we need a break…

I love running… I look forward to it everyday… there is nothing like going out for a run in the sunshine, music on, feet pounding ground, sweat streaming down your face … it is actually quite calming…

Unfortunately all this running is starting to take it’s toll.

My legs are achy… my knees are sore… I seem to be feeling a lot more discomfort this summer than last

Right now I’m averaging 6km/day, but this is only because I can’t possibly squeeze any more out of me… I’m tired, I’m slow and I’m uncomfortable…

Today, just like last year, I am forced to start Operation Back to the Gym.

I have not set foot in my gym since May, and I really don’t want to go back… I would much rather be outside. Hopefully when I start using the machines again the ergonomically correct movements will loosen me up… hopefully!

This is not the end of my running… there are a few “nice weather” months left…. this is just a break…

{photos from my last trail run yesterday… I’m going to miss views like this…}

Have you ever had to take a break from physical activity because of an injury? Would you rather be indoors at the gym or outside?

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