Flashback Friday: No seriously, all 3 were not my fault!

Most people go their whole lives without getting into a single car accident!

I find that truly amazing – almost astonishing!

My bewilderment at this fact stems from my belief that there are a lot of jackasses on the road. Before you judge me for my lack of faith in humanity, I want to say that I speak from experience!

I have actually been in not 1… not 2… but 3 car accidents in my lifetime!

Now, to put this into perspective… I’m almost 25… I started driving when I was 16! If this pattern continues for the rest of my life, assuming I live until I am 100, I will be in over 20 more accidents!

What??? Craziness huh?

I mostly attribute this bazaar phenomena to the fact that I am extremely unlucky when it comes to cars…

Case in point: My very first car was a brand new 2002 Honda Civic. I had it for close to 7 years. A lot of stuff went wrong with the car for just no darn good reason. It seemed like I was always back the dealership with a problem. The service guys knew me by my first name. I dubbed this car “The Car that was Built on a Monday!” I think that by the time I gave it to my sister it had none of the original parts! lol

Now my second car – a brand new 2010 Toyota Corolla. Yes. The one with the bajillion recalls. I dubbed this car “One of the Several Million Cars in North America that was Built on a Monday!”

Anyways, back to my car accidents…

#1 – October 2003
I literally had only had my Civic for a year, when a 16 your old kid rear-ended me… in the rain… while I was picking my sisters up from school. In all his nativity he suggested that I see if I could find a matching bumper at a junk yard instead of getting it fixed at the dealership… how cute, but no. It cost the kid close to $1600…

#2 – Late December 2006
It was a typical Canadian December night around 6:00, so it was dark. I had borrowed my mom’s van because she was parked in front of me in the driveway. I was coming around a curve and spotted a police officer that had pulled someone over on the opposite side of the road… obviously I slowed down because that is what you do!! Apparently the guy behind me didn’t think so, and drove right into me… Yes. Rear-ended AGAIN!! Luckily the police where right across the street for this one. Turns out the guy had several outstanding speeding tickets, and was arrested… but this was after he sat in my mom’s van with me {until my mom arrived} harassing me about how he was a chiropractor and that he would give me free treatments if I suffered long term damage… how cute, but no. Have fun in jail buddy!

#3 – November 2007
This particular night I found myself driving around Guelph, sorta lost – I think I was looking for Food Basics…? Well, I never found it. I made a wrong turn, so I decided that I would pull into a parking lot on the opposite side of the road to turn around… I slowed… turned my left blinker on… waited for the car coming in the opposite direction to go by…. and then…. BAM!!! YES. FREAKIN’ REAR-ENDED AGAIN!!! This time it was a lady in a Monte Carlo who was yapping on her phone, and claims she “didn’t even see me!” Since this one my 3rd time being rear-ended {not to mention the 2nd time in the Civic} I was furious!! I laid into her… In my fit of rage she apologized several times and told me she would take car of everything… yes obviously! At this time I found out that she actually worked at the freakin Guelph Ministry of Transportation… how cute, but no! Someone needs to redo the driver test!!

Now you might be thinking one thing, and the answer is no, I don’t like it in the rear! In fact, I think that if I get rear-ended one more time I cannot be held responsible for my actions…

Now the time I hit the dishwasher that was at the end of our driveway… that’s a different story! Completely my fault… it was traumatizing… and no I don’t want to talk about it! 😉

Have you ever been in a car accident? Have you been in more than one?

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