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Long Weekend Round-Up

Well, despite the terrible news that I received Tuesday morning, I would say that I had a pretty stellar weekend!!

I finally had some time to spend with the girls! Three straight days with the girls!

We launched the weekend with a night out! We all gathered at my house before heading out to Caesar Martini’s all dressed in our finest. Quite the night if I {can} recall!

One thing that I find not so enjoyable is the age of the kids at the bars we hit up… they are all like 19 or 20… Makes me feel super old at 24!

Festivities continued into early Saturday. We took a little trip to Guelph to visit our one girlfriend at her work since she couldn’t join us at all during the weekend… This was also the alternative for the day since it was really cloudy – we originally were supposed to go to the beach 🙁

Side note: Fat Duck has the best {and I mean the best} sweet potatoes fries I have ever had! I mean look at these suckers… huge!!!

We then headed back to the country (yup country girls right here) for a big campfire in my friend’s backyard… nothing like hot dogs, macaroni salad and jello shots! lol

Let’s just say things got a little rowdy and the night may have ended with a little bit of arm wrestling.. lmao!

Sunday morning was stankin’ hot out!! We whipped up some breakfast: fruit pancakes, bacon, and omelets… yummy! Then we all headed out… I went home and took a nap before meeting up with Sara and Kye for dinner.

After watching Sara down the hugest bowl of pasta I have ever seen {that girl can really put it away} I met up with the girls again to see Inception. Yup, gonna have to go with all the critics on this one… Great Movie!!! It really takes some after-the-fact analysis to process what you just saw, but great story line, and it holds your attention the whole time {ya the whole 2 and 1/2 hours!}

Soooo, now I am just dealing with the after weekend thoughts of “OMG did I really eat THAT much?? Jeeeze!!” and of course the “I’m never drinking again!”

How was your long weekend my Canadian lovelies? And everyone else? Anything interesting?

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