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My Top 7: Washington DC Edition

1. Kennett Square Mushroom Festival // After a quick flight from Toronto to Philadelphia, my colleague Katie and I jumped in a car and headed down to the 28th Annual Kennett Square Mushroom Festival. We indulged in a big bowl of Creamy Mushroom Mac’N Cheese, and scarfed down a giant Mushroom Philly Cheese Steak… after all that we just couldn’t find enough room for The Market’s Wild Mushroom Quiche.

2. Seeing the Sights // After the mushroom festival, it was a quick 2 hour drive down to Washington D.C. Seeing it was my first time in Washington, Katie insisted she take me on a walking tour of the monuments. Of course I had to see The White House (which I determined is significantly smaller in real life), as well as the Lincoln Memorial. We must have walked for 10km before deciding we were absolutely starving.

3. Dinner at Founding Farmers // After our 10k trek around town, we landed ourselves at Founding Farmers, or as I like to call it, my new favourite restaurant. All the food on their menu is made from scratch and sourced from local farmers. If that’s not impressive enough, it’s actually the farmers who own the restaurant making it truly local and sustainable. If you are ever in Washington, DC, I highly recommend this restaurant.

4. Brunch at… Founding Farmers // And like I said above, Founding Farmers is my new favourite restaurant, so it should be no surprised we wandered in for brunch the next morning…

5. Spending Time Behind the Camera // My role at the Mushrooms & Health Summit was a fun and interesting one. Sometimes these things are put together and when it comes down to it, it’s an all-hand-on-deck situation. Normally I would be handling the social media at these events, but this time I got thrown into a rather fun and exciting new role – photographer and videographer. I spent close to 12 hours behind a camera, either snapping photos or recording interviews. A very fun challenge!

6. Saying Goodbye // You might not know this, but for this particular mushroom client I work very closely with 3 other agencies. Within those agencies there are team leads or main points of contact. I was extremely sad to find out the team lead at our PR agency was transitioning out of her role, and this was likely our last business trip as a group. Over the past two years she has been a wonderful asset to the team, and will truly be missed.

7. The MushROOM // It’s funny, I have been on more mushroom farms than I can count since starting my career almost 8 years ago, and the growing process is not something I think twice about anymore. It’s not until you see people’s reactions to how mushrooms grow do you realize what a truly fascinating process it is. The MushrROOM (or mock growing room) at the Mushrooms & Health Summit reminded me how simple, yet complex and beautiful the growing process can be.

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