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A Nice Cottage Weekend

Ahhh! I am back after a great relaxing weekend with the family.

It was warm and gorgeous outside which really added to the cottage feel of the weekend, but made it not seem at all like April!

Thursday April 1st
After loading up the car, making last minute stops, and several bathroom breaks on the way (oopps that was all me!), we made it there in about 2 1/2 hours… just in time to get settled and see the lovely sunset…

{I love the one of Jax watching the sunset, too cute}

Friday April 2nd
So Friday morning it was beautiful out, like 17°C (62.6°F), and it was only 9:00am! So I decided to go for a run. I never usually run when I am “on vacation” but it was too nice to pass up!

I ran around “the block,” which turned out to be 7.7KM (4.78 miles)…

Surprisingly it only took me 58 minutes, and 43 seconds!

I got back just in time for a breakfast of eggs and a toasted tomato sandwich… just what I needed!

Speaking of eggs… Amanda did up these with Jax…

So pretty! I love colouring eggs…

Once Jax was down for a nap, Amanda, Chris and I went into Wiarton to check out some of the local antique shops, as they have some of the best.

This leaded to a series of unfortunate events;
1. I forgot my camera
2. We both forgot that it was Good Friday and almost everything was closed, except for one antique shop
3. We found the perfect birthday present for my dad but didn’t buy it (totally regretting it now!!)

…but we did have a good time 😉

After a lovely Easter feast prepared by my Gramma (she makes the best stuffing btw), we all headed outside to enjoy the first campfire of the season, and… dare I say it… SMORES!!!

Campfire{The roaring campfire}

The Girls{left to right: Me, Amanda, my Mom}

Smore Ingredients - Dairy Milk{Makin’ Smores}

Me and a Smore{1st Smore of the Season!}

So I am happy to say that #52 on the list has been accomplished!

We couldn’t believe the weather that night either, it must have been 20 outside around 9:00pm… it honestly felt like a late July night, we didn’t even have to wear coats, just sweaters.

Side Story: I probably will not wash my sweater for the next 2 weeks, because as strange as this may sound, I love the smell of campfire. It reminds me of going camping when I was a kid, and of my grandparents up north near Ottawa… crazy I know!

Saturday April 3rd
Saturday, time to come home!

It was a pretty easy going day. I did some colouring with Jax, well I coloured and he “improved” on my picture… then we took him down to the lake to explore…

That last pic is of Amanda, my Mom and Me taking (way to many) pictures of Jax… the kid must have felt like he was on a Victoria Secret Swimsuit photo shoot the way were were snapping photos of him on the beach… lol!

We then packed it in and headed home 🙁 The time at the cottage always goes by so fast…

We’ll see you again soon cottage!

Do you have a cottage or a place that you visit during the summer to relax?

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