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Breaking Through the Fog

Foggy-Sunny-Day Foggy-Sunny-Day-Breakthroug

It was crazy foggy here this morning…. almost scary foggy. This made driving a pain, but only because I was stuck behind the one guy who insists on driving on a country backroad, going 50km/hour with his four-ways on. I don’t think the line-up of 10+ cars behind us were impressed either.

Regardless of that, I do love the fog. There is that one moment when the clouds start to part… the fog starts to lift… and the bright sun starts to break through… take a moment and watch it. It is truly beautiful. Like moments in life when everything seems so confusing, unclear… foggy. After some time, the fog lifts… and it becomes bright…. clear… happy. It just takes time… and patience.

Anyway loves, I am heading to my cottage for the long weekend. The entire family is going, so it’s like the one last “hoorah” before summer officially comes to an end. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Stay happy & safe!

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