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My Weekend According to My iPhone


1 // The fam and I rented the perfect cottage on Miller Lake for our getaway! Nothing but blue skies and sunshine all weekend!


2 // Soaking up the sun and relaxing with a beer after a long drive!


3 // Hiked to Indian Head Cove and the Grotto with two kidlets and a very large dog. Needless to say… many stops were made!


4 // I can’t get over how blue and crystal clear the water is!


5 // It might not look like it, but this pooch is poooooped!


6 // Still happy to take a pic with me!


7 // Little unknown fact about Maddy… she doesn’t like the water or swimming, BUT with a little coaxing she managed to doggy-paddle around in the shallows!


8 // Can’t do a cottage weekend without indulging in many, many s’mores!


9 // Memories made!

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