According to My iPhone Thanksgiving Travel Work

My {Thanksgiving} Weekend According to My iPhone

1. Early morning flight to Philly… left my house at 3AM!
2. Rise and shine sleepy head.
3. Starbucks – fuel for the entire weekend.
4. Walked around Philly during my break…
5. … no idea what the names of these buildings are.
6. Found myself at the Reading Terminal Market drooling over these candy apples.
7. The most popular place in the market – DiNic’s Beef, Pork & Meatball Sandwiches.
8. Guess how much this pumpkin weighs?
9. Spent far to many hours in the airport….

I am so happy to be back on home turf, even though I didn’t walk in door of my house until after 1AM…

How was your thanksgiving weekend? Hope you spent it with your loved ones.

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