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Main Bath Re-Cap

Alright! It has been some time since my main bathroom turned into a disaster zone… I am now going on day 3 without a shower… (do not mistake that comment for I have gone 3 days without taking a shower.. lol)

Since this post, my dad has laid a new subfloor down, covering up that hideous black spot (which reminded me of that scene in The Grudge…) and taken out the toilet.

Then younger sister and I went at it last weekend, knocking all the tiles off the shower wall…

This was not a fun task!! It took us well over 6 hours to complete. That was just prep work for my dad, because two days later and came and did this…


Yup, that was the scene 3 days ago… today he took out the tub, and put the new white one in place. Tomorrow I believe he is going to tackle the “royally @#$&ed up” plumbing work (his words, not mine), to at least get the drain connected… and then hopefully this weekend I can help him put up the new cement board and lay the Ditra-Mat on the subfloor…

So, I guess I will be showering at sisters house for the next few days….

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