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My Top 7: Food Bloggers of Canada Conference

1. Exploring Vancouver’s Food Scene // From oysters and duck, to sushi and chocolate cake, I really ate my way around Vancouver! We found nothing but delicious food as we toured around the city eating at Fable, Butter, Catch 122, Shuraku and Coast. My favourite dish of the weekend was the Duck Breast at Fable… oh and can’t forget the side of roasted mushrooms!


2. Meeting New Peeps // One of the obvious perks of attending a blogger conference is the connections. I love nothing more than meeting new people and hearing their blogging story. This conference I had the opportunity to meet three (new to me) food bloggers; Amber of DeliciousMess.com, Kristi of MyDadButtersHisBacon.com, Kristine of SmoothieBurst.com. A group of also ran into the fabulous Linnie von Sky (author of the children’s book Our Canadian Love Story). She was kind enough to invite us over for a fabulous brunch complete with an exclusive preview of her soon to be released book Pom Pom: A Flightless Bully Tale.


3. Birthday Celebrations // We couldn’t let these birthday’s slip us by… both Robyn and Shannon celebrated their birthdays while at the conference. How did we commemorate the occasion? With a big chocolate cake from Butter of course!


4. Seeing The Sights // From Granville Island (which is always fun to see) to the tree-top trails of the Capilano Suspension Bridge, getting out and about was the highlight of my trip, especially since the weather was beautiful (which I understand is rare in Vancouver?).



5. Thug Kitchen // I’ll be first to admit that I had never heard of Thug Kitchen until this conference. I’m glad that has changed because the are f***ing awesome! Check them out! (NSFW)

6. Hanging Out With The Crew // My conference experience would not have been the same without the crew! In the past year we have grown insanely close, and I now consider them to be some of my bestest girl friends. From outings in Waterloo and Toronto, to virtual baby showers, we know how to have a good ol’ foodie time! (*two bottom photos courtesy of Jenny)


7. Chef Bell’s Blend & Extend Dinner // While I was a huge fan of the Truffle Macaroni and Cheese presented by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, my favourite meal of the weekend was definitely Saturday’s night “Blend and Extend” Dinner by Mushrooms Canada and Ontario Beef. A blended beef and mushroom ravioli in a Samuel Adams consommé set the stage, while the delicious Beef & Portabella Gratin captured my taste buds during the main course. Well done chef Bell!


Again, I can’t even describe what a wonderful time I had, and how appreciative the entire food bloggers community is to Ethan and Melissa at Food Bloggers of Canada for pulling this all together! Thanks guys for another successful conference!

Did you attend FBC2014? What were some of your favourite moments?

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  1. Your food photography is fantastic! I just stumbled upon your blog, and am so glad I did! Really looking forward to your posts! 🙂

  2. Oh, jeez, you feasted on so many delicious things! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Great collection of photos, Brittany!