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Simple Yet Elegant Holiday Gifts for the Home

Christmas. It’s approaching at an alarming rate. I’m not going to lie, I have had the Christmas discussion with my sisters only a handful of times in the past two weeks. Who will host it? What day should it be on? What do we get our parents? And you know what? We have none of it figured out yet!

And without fail, every year the holidays come and go so quickly. The rush of the shopping season, the surge of holiday parties, and the bustling too and fro can make it hard to slow down and appreciate all that the holidays have to offer. Shopping for the perfect gift for the diverse group of people on your list doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. Sometimes there is elegance in the most simplest of gifts…

Here are 10 Simple Yet Elegant Holiday Gifts for the wide range of people on your holiday list.

Simple Elegant Holiday Gift Guide

Make sure you head on over to my “Guest Pick: 20 Simple Yet Elegant Holiday Gifts” Ideabook on Houzz.com to see all 20 of my gift ideas. Want to “pin” these elegant gift ideas? Then check out my Elegant Holiday Gifts board on Pinterest.

What is one item that is on your holiday wishlist this year?

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