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Prosciutto Wrapped Melon with Crushed Almonds

Sometimes I like to get a little fancy in the kitchen and serve an appetizer before dinner. Due to my busy schedule this doesn’t happen all to often, but when it does I like to “go big or go home.” The day I pulled this beautiful app together I had just spent the entire day melting away in my office (yes we have AC, but I refuse to turn it on. I’ve gone my entire life without it, so why use it now?), and by 6:00pm I was craving something quick & refreshing before dinner.

This Prosciutto Wrapped Melon certainly hit the spot… and it’s as easy to pull together as it looks. I’m telling you, 5 minutes tops. What I love about mixing cured meats with fruit is the salty + sweet factor. I’m a sucker for anything salty + sweet. Chocolate covered pretzels, yes. Peanut butter and apples, I’m there. Prosciutto wrapped melon, I can’t resist.

The crushed almonds can be omitted but I find they add a nice texture and crunch. A tiny drizzle of olive oil also adds another layer; complementing the aromas of the fruit. Lastly, dress the whole plate up with some sprigs of fresh mint.

Classy enough to be eaten at a dinner party. Or in my case, simple & fast enough to hold over a hot, hungry belly before dinner.

What are your favourite appetizers?

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