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Snapshot: Christmas Week in Pictures

1 / I successfully served a turkey dinner to 17 guests!
2 / My festive table setting.
3 / Simple DIY mason jar table decor.
4 / Our Christmas tree… so bright!
5 / My present from “J”… and no, it’s not what you’re thinking.
6 / Photobombed by the nephew.

7 / “J” helped my dad (again on Christmas Day) finish decorating the tree.
8 / Once decorated we stacked the presents underneath.
9 / My new Kitchen Aid Food Processor!
10 / Spoiled my dad & Brenda with this awesome antique-style cart coffee table.
11 / So much food…
12 / …. and too many sweets!

I cannot believe how fast the holiday’s flew by… and in just a few short days it will be a whole new year! I am thankful for what 2012 brought me, and excited for what 2013 brings!

How was your holiday?

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