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Wedding Hairstyles… Up? Down? To the Left? To the Right?

Today was my final dress fitting … I am now $85 poorer and determined as hell to tone up my armpit fat… on both the front and back!

I think that I have said this before… I am not a fan of the strapless dress! I also said I would never let that get in the way of making my sister happy… soooo moving on….

Sisters and I have recently gotten into some pretty in-depth {and moderately confusing} conversations about how we would like our hair to look… Amanda even did a post on it

For me, I am thinking that I want it pulled to the left side of my head… but that’s as far as that thought has gone…

In a perfect world I would like it to be loosely curled and left down, but since Santa did not bring me long hair for Christmas like I asked I guess that’s out of the question…

I am also now considering getting Jessica Simpson clip-in extensions since I got my hair cut today… My stylist was like “Umm, I’m going to need to take off at least 1 inch… it’s pretty dead at the bottom” …. Damn! So right there I lost like 2 months of growth!

All-and-all I will likely be leaving it up to the stylist who does my hair that day… {I am not that picky… especially since it’s not my day}… but here are some of the photos I’m going to take along for inspiration…

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What style do you like?

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