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The Best of the 2012 One of a Kind Show

This past weekend I was luck enough to attend the 2012 One of a Kind Christmas Show. Believe it or not, this was my first time ever attending the OOAK Show, so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised. I never would have expected to see so many talented artisan under one roof! Everything from ceramics and porcelain, to stuffed plush toys and stunning oil paintings, the OOAK Show is a true showcase of Canadian talent.

Here are my Top 10 Favourites from the 2012 OOAK Show.

10 // Blake Richardson

Blake is the artist behind these gorgeous “Earthen Sculptures.” Found in places where the spirit is most naturally drawn, they reflect the forces of creation itself and all life on Earth. By using an instinctual awareness with nature, Blake Richardson is able to reveal the spirit in nature. I couldn’t help but find something very peaceful about these wood+rock owl sculptures.

9 // James Kennedy

James Kennedy is the artist behind these contemporary steel wall pieces. Each steel piece features a cut-out silhouette of a single continent. James also takes an original approach when it comes to his wood/steel pieces – the exotic wood backdrop is actually sourced from the continent that is featured in the steel silhouette, making each one unique.

8 // Stones of Time

Stones of Time is a concept and a piece of art that I was really drawn to. Artists Dave and Christine Aiken collect fossilized coral and flint from the great lakes to create these one of a kind pieces of rock art. Each piece comes with an inspirational narrative that connects the past with the present.

7 // Creations Li

These cute and fun ceramic mugs, bowls and vases are from Montreal artist Wai-Yant Li as a part of her animated dishware ceramic line. Each piece is handmade and painted giving each one a unique look.

6 // Billy Would Designs

The Billy Would booth was the only jewelery booth that I was drawn to at the entire show. Each pieces is handmade by Adea Chung out of recycled and reclaimed wood without the use of lasers or harsh chemicals… and since I have a thing for feathers, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the earrings!

5 // Heyday Designs

If you are a mason jar lover like me, then Claire Madill is an artist you don’t want to miss. She casts and creates these gorgeous replicas of vintage mason jars in porcelain. These are now on my “to buy” list.

4 // Gosia

I am a big fan of this type of art and although I don’t know exactly what the style is called, Emily-Jane pointed out it is very “Where the Wild Things Are…” These beautiful sculptures and scenery are handcrafted by artist Gosia. Her beautiful illustrations can also be seen in her Etsy shop.

3 // Thomas J. Suh

These (adorable) ceramic beaver piggy banks are hand made by artist Thomas J. Suh, and I think would make the perfect baby shower gift, or even a Christmas gift for a little one. I loved all the little touches in his booth included the little acorns and leaves on the display shelves.

2 // Velvet Moustache

As soon as I saw these handmade, plush, soft pillows I knew I would need one (specifically the sheep) for my soon-to-be-arriving niece. These adorable pillows are hand-sewn by creator Majorie Labrèque-Lepage.

1 // Katie McLellan

Handmade by artist Katie McLellan these “Lil Dudes” were one of my favourite items at the show. Cuteness overload!

Honourable Mention: Stinson Studios

I’ve been in the market for a rustic bowl for quite some time now, thinking it’s intent would be to place keys in at the front door. These gorgeous hand-carved bowls by Stinson Studios would fit the bill. They would also make a fabulous gift for Christmas, or even a wedding.

A special thanks to Vanessa and Heather for the free passes and to Emily-Jane who spent close to 4 hours perusing the show with me!

Did you attend the OOAK Show? What was your favourite item?

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