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My Top 7: Vancouver Edition

1. Flying over the mountains… beautiful. Need I say more?


2. Spending the “downtime” in between meetings with my female colleagues, who are significantly older than I am. Listening to them talk about their kids, grandkids, past careers and retirement over a one… ahem… a few bottles of wine.

3. The Hop-On- Hop-Off Bus Tour that our group took Sunday morning. Although it was rainy & dreary {what else do you expect in Vancouver?}, the landmarks we got to see were fantastic… Stanley Park, The Steam Clock, Granville Island, The Public Library, The Art Gallery… I could go on…

Vancouver-Gastown Vancouver-Library Vancouver-Granville-Island Vancouver-Art-Gallery

4. Gelato at Bridges. Handmade. Cold. Delicious. I got Vanilla & Chocolate Crunch and Coffee Crunch. Two flavours + one large bowl = one happy person!


5. Roger’s Chocolates. My boss insisted… ahem… forced… us to all go in and try a sample after eating the gigantic gelato. Gorgeous {and delicious} handmade chocolates… I got chocolate orange… so gooood!


6. My hotel room. Not only was the view of the city spectacular {as it should be from the 27th floor}, upon my arrival I was greeted with a bottle of complimentary wine… which was drank while enjoying #2 above.


7. Going up Grouse Mountain. No, I didn’t do “The Grind” I took the easy way up on the gondola… I would have done the grind if a) I had the time, and b) I had the proper attire… nobody wants to see you climb a mountain in business clothes…


8. Coming home knowing that someone has missed you while you were away. I haven’t had that feeling in a long time, which was nice.

I know that’s eight… but what the hey! lol

I know it’s Wednesday already, but since I am just catching up, did you have a good weekend? How’s the first part of the week going?

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