I am willing to dumpster dive for old ladders


My townhouse complex has a shared garbage bin that sits in our parking lot. As I was getting in my car yesterday, I saw one of the neighbours walking towards the garbage bin with a big, old wooden ladder.

Surely he is not throwing that out,” I thought to myself.

He started to put it in the bin…

Panic started to set it…. “Say something you idiot! Once it’s in the bin you are going to have to garbage dive to get it out! Nobody wants to see you do that… including me!

Halfway in now…

“You’re not throwing that out are you?” I ask while jumping out of my car. I must have had the look on my face like he was throwing out something important, like a baby… or gold.

“No. I’m trying to save a critter.”

Turns out there was a baby raccoon stuck in there. I guess it didn’t get the memo that there is lots of new sod to be lifted over at Janice’s house

Anywho, long story short – I didn’t get the ladder.

Which is really to bad, because there are so many great things you can do with an old ladder.

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Do you have an old ladder in your house? Have you seen any creative ways to use an old ladder? What would you use it for?

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