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Dear Amanda on your Wedding Day: Maid of Honour Speech

Well, where to start… For those of you who don’t know me my name is Brittany, I am Amanda’s Maid of Honour and older… slightly older… single sister… mmhmm you heard correctly single boys in the audience…

I’m kidding…


I want to start by giving my compliments to the bridesmaids, Geta and Nikki… you both look stunning! Groomsmen, you look very handsome too!

Patient, kind, understanding & creative….

Willingness to compromise, the desire to listen to repetitive wedding details for hours on end, and the ability to cook 75 chicken breasts to feed 70 hungry guest….

Yes people, these are the skills and abilities that I have acquired since Amanda has asked me to be in her wedding!

what? you thought those things were about her… no… just kidding… she is all of those wonderful things too…

I’m going to be honest being a wedding is haaarrrddd! You have to be a listener, a life coach, a shoulder to cry on, an event planner, and pretty much an all around bad ass to get things accomplished! So I want to give a quick shout out to the people who are making this day possible… the servers! Keep those bottles of wine flowing up here!…

In all seriousness, when I sat down to write my speech about Amanda I went blank… I know, me blank?? lol… I actually had no idea what to write about… it’s not that we don’t have a lot of history together, it’s actually the opposite… there are too many experiences packed into this head of mine.

I started by making a list of all the things we used to do together in hopes of finding one that I could expand on, and tell a story about… But the list got so long, and all the things on that list were so equally important I didn’t want to leave anything out… {I also didn’t want to bore you with 5 plus hours of speech… so you can thank me later…}

camping in Algonquin, Barbies, fishing, swimming, Nintendo, 4 wheeler, follow the leader, mini tape recorder interviews, tree house, building forts, hide & seek, campfires, grandpa’s workshop, cross country skiing, board games, cribbage, trip to Alberta, riding bikes, hiking, Born Free, shopping, cooking, baking, Grey’s anatomy, trade shows, Thursday night dinners…. and the list goes on and on… but like I said, for the sake of not boring you, I will stop at the 30 I just read…

Amanda was always the quiet, yet helpful, one… I can tell you on thing for sure, she was very helpful to my mom when she potty trained herself, yes that’s right she taught herself how to use the potty!!… or even a few weeks ago, she found something in my hair… “Hold on you have something… in your hair,” she says to me as she starts to pull it out… “What is it?” I ask… “Ughhh! It’s a spider!!” she yells… “Really? Get it out get it out!!” I scream… She pulls it out and throws it on the floor… she looks at me and says… “No just kidding… if it were a spider, I wouldn’t touch it!!”… See! Helpful!

Anybody who knew Amanda when she was little would have quickly found out just how much she looked up to me… Ask her what she was having for dinner… her answer would be “Whatever Brittany is having…” Ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up… her answer would be “Whatever Brittany is…” As her what she was doing… and her answer would be “Whatever Brittany is doing…”

Today is a little bit different… You see for one of the first times in my life I get to look up to Amanda… Ask me what I am doing… today my answer would be “Whatever Amanda is doing…” She got it right. She has a new loving husband. A budding design career. And of course a wonderful son, Jax.

I hope that I can achieve even half of what you have today… because whatever you are doing, you’re doing it right.

Chris I want to welcome you officially to our family. Although you have been a part of it for a very long time… I can now officially call you my brother in-law instead of Chris #1 or my sister baby-daddy!

Although I will never understand your love of super cheap tasting beer, your ability to eat an entire tray of fresh baked cookies in one sitting, or why you thought it would be a good idea to work on plumbing with the water still on… I know Amanda does, and she loves all these little things about you.

You both are on a great path to raising a gorgeous son together… He literally has the perfect mix of both of you… Chris he has your handsome looks {and that little dirty one}… and appreciation for a rugged fishing mission… Amanda he has your desire to be helpful – whether it be with cooking or vacumming, and your sometimes quirky personality traits – like trying to stand and cross his legs while talking on the phone.

So in closing I would like to sing a song that I thought would be perfect for today…

Oh my god I’m kidding!!!

Amanda specifically told me NO Singing!!

Amanda, it is a real honour to be your Maid of Honour. I am deeply moved for even knowing you, and even more so that you would grant me this opportunity. So thank you very much.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please could you stand and raise your glasses once again for the “Bride and Groom”.
“Long may their love and happiness last”.

Thank goodness for auto-publish! I am actually AT the wedding right now, but I promise you lots of pictures and the inside scoop tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday loves!

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