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Leaving on a jet plane… Don’t know if I’ll be back again

Actually, that is a straight up lie… I know I’ll be back again… I have to be… after all who will do my job? Take care of my house? Pay my bills? Water my plants…. actually I don’t even do that now, so I’m not to concerned about the plants…

I am literally on pins &; needles waiting to head to the airport…

I have 5 hours left until my flight leaves… I have no idea what to do with myself!

I have already read most of my feeds in my google reader {come on people, post some more stuff!!!}… I posted all the winners from my Giveaways… I am now writing this one last post…. and once it comes to an end I might have to resort to pacing…

All of my stuff is packed, and in all honesty, I am afraid to do the good ol’ double-check-to-make-sure-I-have-everything because:

a) I actually might find that I forgot something and then I will have to leave the house to go get it…. and…
b) I might not be able to get everything back in the suitcase again! {note to self: don’t buy anything, and I mean anything, while I’m there… this might disturb the natural order of things in the suitcase…}

Soooo in an effort to make this post “last forever” here are some random pictures that I have taken over the past 8 years….

A Duck… Trip to Punta Cana in July 2007
T-Rex…. Walking with Dinosaurs in Toronto, 2007 
Me on a bike…. random bike trip, summer 2008
Sick motorcycle…. Niagara Falls, 2009
Me at the CN Tower…. April 2007 
Me in the Lake at the Cottage…. Summer 2006
Dad’s Thanksgiving…. Fall 2005 
Nikki’s Ass in the Van on our way to Ottawa…. 2009

Ok, ok I’m done… off to wear my carpet down to the warp…

Since I will not have the chance to blog for the next two week, you best believe that I will be tweeting the hell out of this vacation!! So if you wanna follow along on my adventures, you best be following me over on Twitter or on my I’m on a Mountain Bitch! Trip Page.

See you all on the 26th!

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