I signed up for SeenOn a while ago when it was still in Beta… its a pretty sick website that gives you exclusive access to designer clothing sales, and most of them are over 80% off {and we know this is good for me since I am cheap!}

Well, I get an email this morning saying that Tricia Fix went on sale today, and the sale will last for only 2 days… So naturally I rush over! I love her dresses {there was one that I saw Jessica Simpson wearing and I fell in love… see here!}

Ohhhh I want…

This one is only $24 marked down from… wait for it… $276!! What a steal!

I am still debating though… mostly because of the steep $20 shipping charge… I know I would be an idiot not to snatch this one up….

What do you think?

If you love fashion, clothing, etc… I highly suggest you sign-up for the SeenOn website ASAP!

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