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What’s Cooking? Printable Recipe Cards!

I received a request from Miss Ann the other night; she was looking for printable 3×5 recipe card & divider templates.

She had previously downloaded my freebie, Christmas Granola Tags, and loved them… sooooo since she found my weak spot (no not flattery… food!) I thought that I would whip up some freebie printable recipe cards and share them with everyone…


All you have to do is download the PDF, print them off on cardstock, cut, and fill with your delicious recipe ideas!
I’ve included several different variations in the PDF… so just print off the pages that work best for you!

Download these delicious Free Printable Recipe Cards here.

What do I ask for in return?? Leave me a link to your favourite recipes!

I looove cooking, and I am always looking for simple recipe ideas (especially ones that can easily be prepared for 1 person… for now 😉 lol)

So I share, you share! Link Up!

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