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My Top 7: San Francisco + San Jose

1. The Hunger Games. I read the entire book on the flight to San Francisco. I literally did not put it down… I can’t wait to see the movie and read the rest of the trilogy.

2. I rented a car and headed down to San Jose… It was a gorgeous day. I spent 2 hours walking around the city, taking pictures, and soaking up some sun…

3. I was lucky enough to eat at the new LYFE Kitchens on Tuesday afternoon. It’s a pretty cool restaurant – the main concept being fast food that is healthy, relatively inexpensive, and above all, tastes good. Ex-McDonalds executive, Mike Roberts, joined forces with Chef Tal Ronnen & Chef Art Smith to come up with a deliciously fresh menu. I dined on the Mushroom Flatbread, the Napa Cabbage Salad, Grilled Barramundi and Fish Tacos. If you are in the Palo Alto neighbourhood sometime, I highly suggest checking it out… it’s currently the only one in North America.

4. Gumps. It is the most lavish, extravagant store I have ever been in… I instantly fell in love with this pair of horse heads crafted out of driftwood… only a mere $800… each!

5. The views in San Francisco are nothing less than amazing! The rolling hills, the building architecture, the Golden Gate… Halfway through the day I stopped to try The Original Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista… very, very good!

6. Dinner at Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay on the West side of San Francisco. Another restaurant I highly recommend. I ordered the Lobster Roll, which was a toasted roll topped with buttery chunks of lobster, served with chips & coleslaw. Not only was the food amazing so was the view. It overlooked the ocean, the coast, and the marina.

7. Coming home… sleeping in my own bed again… and seeing “J”… they always top my list as the best things about a business trip.

Have you ever been to San Jose or San Francisco? What were some of your favourite places/restaurants to visit?

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