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Easter Weekend… According to my Camera

1. Whipped up Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding…
2. ….then topped it with Caramel Pecan Frozen Yogurt.

3. Worked most of the day Friday, so it was nice to relax come 5 o’clock….
4. ….. to lazy to cook, “J” and I order in Thai food.

5. “J” raked did the gardening Saturday morning, which was find by me… I got to look at this bum 😉
6. Three bags!

7. Went to my dad’s house for dinner… indulged in too many of these….
8. …. later we walked it off in the sunshine!

9. Um, I can’t say not to this…
10. Or this….

11. Painted my nails…. I would say “finally” but that would be an understatement.
12. Goodnight freakishly large blurry moon.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and the “Monday’s” didn’t hit you too hard today!

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