Holiday Week: All I Want for Christmas….

Holiday-Week-2011 aLL-i-WANT-FOR-CHRISTMAS
My Top 5 Christmas Wants…

{1} Shower Head / Delta Adjustable Arm Raincan Showerhead : Remember this picture? That is the current state of my shower head. I try not to make eye contact with it when I am showering.

{2} Tripod / Sirui Ball Head Tripod Kit : The other night “J” and I tried to take a picture in front of our tree… after propping up my camera on the coffee table + a rubbermaid bin + a book, I came to the conclusion that I need a tripod.

{3} Office Chair / Ikea Patrik Swivel Chair : Since I will be working from home soon, I need a new office set-up stat! But for now I will just settle for a new chair…

{4} iPad / Apple iPad 2 : It’s been on my wish list for an entire year! I think it might be time to get one…

{5} A Vacation / Bahamas : This one is a tough one… “J” and I had our vacation plans set and were just about ready to book, when this whole new job opportunity came along… needless to say we had to cancel. I. Need. A. Vacation!

What’s on your wish list this year?

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