August Glymm Box

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My much anticipated Glymm Box arrived today…

What’s a Glymm Box you ask? Simply put, it’s sample goodies in a box…. and since I love makeup I didn’t see the harm in signing up for a month… or two… or three…

As you can see I received some pretty amazing samples…

{1} Smashbox / Lip Enhancing Gloss: Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil kiss your lips with a touch of dazzling colour so that lips stay soft,shiny and smooth for hours on end.

{2} OPI / Nail Polish: Smokin’ hot for summer, touch up your toes or fingers with this eye-catching polish. Promising to provide a fun and energetic bounce in your step, OPI once again proves it’s worth with a shiny, smooth and enduring formula.

{3} Benefit / The POREfessional: Oil-free and lightweight, the POREfessional minimizes the appearance of pores instantaneously. Now you can see ’em, soon you won’t.

{4} Myfaceworks / I Need To Detox Facemask: A skin quenching, radiance promoting, youthfulness enhancing facemask that is easy to use and proves that green tea can also be great for the face. the 100% silk net promises to treat dry skin with love.

And of course every Glymm Box comes with a sweet surprise… this time it was Jelly Bellies! I’m definitely looking forward to my next box…

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