Fatty Sweater Shopping

Even though it’s been over 15°C (59°F) here in this part of Ontario for the past three days {hallelujah to running outside in October!} I have been shopping around for some fall Fatty Sweaters…

Yes you heard right, fatty sweaters… Amy talked about “Fighting the Fall Fatties” the other day – you know; the urge to go into full hibernation mode, not leave your house, and eat all the Halloween candy before the kids come to “steal” it from you? Yes those fall fatties…

So what’s a fatty sweater? Basically a thick, chunky, long sweater, with good ass hiding capabilities…

{1} Dynamite – Stripe Tunic Sweater | {2} Dynamite – Short Sleeve Cardigan | {3} Suzy Shier – Crossover Cable Sweater | {4} Forever 21 Canada – Slouchy Cowl Neck Tunic

Personally I love big, fatty sweaters – they always make me feel cozy! The real trouble is getting your jacket or coat over top of them… sorta reminds me of this… lol!

What type of fall fashion do you look forward to once the cool weather starts to hit?

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