Dress for Success: BlogPodium

I could not be more excited for today’s big event… BlogPodium. I am sure it is going to be a stellar morning of networking, experience sharing, and a well-known expert panel.

One thing I always get hung up on is the outfit. The outfit is so important. You have to dress the part… and dress for success. I am not sure who coined the phrase “it’s better to be over dressed…” but that is how I feel about most situations.

While I do have a closet full of business-type clothes {after working in an office for 6 years}, I always lust over well-put-together outfits….

Dress-the-Part BlogPodium-Outfit

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I am in loooove with that blazer!

Do you believe in dressing for success?

{for those who are interested, check out my post on social media ROI}

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