I don’t know if you heard… but the new 2012 Ikea Catalogue is out…

I love Ikea. Ask any one of my sisters or friends… I am the one that jumps up & down squealing with excitement when I hear we are taking a trip to Ikea… I think it’s the equivalent of telling a young child they are going to DisneyWorld.

So when I spent the better half of an hour ohhh’ing and ahhh’ing through the new Ikea 2012 Catalogue I came to a conclusion… I love Ikea.

Wait, I already knew that.

I did however discover some New products that are pretty exciting…


And, of course, who can resist these rooms…

Ikea-2012-Bedroom Ikea-2012-Bedroom-Dreamy Ikea-2012-Bedroom-Nutreul Ikea-2012-Kitchen Ikea-2012-Livingroom

So if you have half a day to spare, I would highly suggest taking a flip through the new catalogue… BUT make sure you have some spare change in the bank because, trust me, you’re going to want to go shopping when you’re done!

What are your favourite Ikea products? Do you have a favourite room?

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