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Swag Review: Pita Break Chipotle Lavash

Lavash. What the heck is lavash you might ask…

Simple put… it’s delicious!! No really, it’s basically just a long cracker.

This particular lavash was from Pita Break, more specifically it is the Chipotle flavour. Check out the stats…

Unbleached wheat flour, filtered water, pure honey, cornmeal, corn bran, sunflower oil, magnesium free sea salt, chipotle, dried garlic, red bell pepper, tomato, parsley, dried onions, celery seed, sesame seeds.

As you can see it is a pretty good deal nutrition wise. There are no preservatives, or anything in the ingredients list that you cannot pronounce for that matter! They are low in fat and have a reasonable amount of fibre per cracker.

How I Ate Mine
I enjoyed my lavash two different ways before forming my final opinion…

In my salad…

I must confess that I have never eaten crackers on my salad before, and this was a great way to start! They were fabulous! They stayed nice and crunchy, and didn’t absorb a whole bunch of dressing… a much better option than your standard croutons. WIN!

With Summer Fresh Spicy Hummus…

This was also double-ly delicious. The Chipotle flavour in the Lavash was just enough that it was spice-city-overload when paired with the spicy hummus. I could see myself enjoying this on a regular basis! WIN!

My overall review on the Lavash is… WIN! I will definitely be a full time purchasers of these.

Anyone else tried the Pita Break Lavash before?? What did you think?

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