It’s Almost Time: HRTC ends this weekend

You know how I know it ends on Sunday?? Every other commercial on TV/Radio, from Ikea to Home Depot, says so! lol

This of course doesn’t mean you cannot renovate past the 31st. It just means that if you are planning on doing something within the next few months you should probably buy the materials now, because that actual purchase has to be made before the 31st.

How do you know if your purchases qualify for the HRTC? Well, you could check out the HRTC Website (which contains alot of government speak), or check out the interview that Marieve from conducted with Pierre Longchamps, Store director at Home Depot (read full interview here).

The thing that I found most helpful from the interview was this little tidbit…

What is considered a “renovation”?
Any change you’ve made to your home, no matter how big or small. “A good way to determine whether a project is eligible for the HRTC is to imagine that you are moving. Anything the movers could leave with would not be eligible. However, anything that could stay behind, is,” explains Longchamps. For example, buying a new set of appliances would not be an eligible cost. However, buying paint to update the colours of your walls would be.

They also have some great HRTC Approved Project Ideas.

Are you planning on taking advantage of the HRTC? Link up to what you are doing… big or small! Not from Canada? Show me your renovation projects away!

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